Monday, July 7, 2008

Aux Gourmands, Azabudai (Roppongi / Juban)

I had actually seen this place from the street one time after going to cosplay karaoke (a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as I like to say) but only realized that when I arrived for dinner. It’s slightly hard to find, down a small street and up some stairs, but worthwhile! The food was great, the atmosphere cozy, and the service obliging (including the friendly chef-owner, publicized elsewhere as an ex-boxer).

One review that I read described this as a very meat-oriented place. I guess that’s fair – the only other time that I can remember having a choice of three types of pork was when my friend mail-ordered a bunch of famous types of pork and brought them over for a massive shabu-fest. I can’t remember what they were at Aux Gourmands, but I feel like I ate the Saitama Cherry Pork. Anyway, the waitress was happy to go into loving detail about the differences between them. If we can have vegetable sommeliers now, can pork sommeliers be far behind?

If you look for other reviews, you’ll see meat-pictures. I was seduced by the pate en croute and had to eat it, despite that making the dinner meat+meat (pork+pork even). It was OK; I’m not sure I ever had it before, so the disappointingness of the croute may be par for the course. It’s gotta be hard to keep your croute fresh when it’s filled with pork and baked.
Desserts looked pretty good, but I was disallowed from ordering it (or at least didn’t want to eat alone, so skipped).

I’d go back! 03-5114-0195

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