Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bar Fal, Ginza

Once in a while people ask if I know a good bar. I always say yes, and describe Fal to them. They never go. Maybe I smell bad?

I don't know what you like in a bar, but here's what does it for me: Dark, woody, quiet. Jazz, probably. A wide selection of drinks in different styles and at all price points. A bartender who cares about getting it right, every drink. Nice glasses (it matters, doesn't it?).

If you ask him for a signature drink, he won't mix up fresh fruit puree and exotic liquor, nor swizzle in a dram of single malt despite having hundreds of types on offer. He'll make you a gin and tonic, with Gordon's or Beefeater. And you'll be surprised by how good it tastes - somehow fresher than anything you've had before. This sums it up for me. Nothing fancy, just drinks made with care by someone who knows how to make a drink better than most.

Of course, shaking up a grasshopper in a frozen cocktail glass is also quite within reason...

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