Wednesday, July 16, 2008

La Cometa, Azabu Juban

La Cometa, 2nd-floor Italian gustatory haven of no little repute...wait,
that's a different place. This one is slightly hidden on the second
floor of a building near Azabu-juban crossing, up a curving staircase.
Next to the door there's a huge and confronting poster of an Italian
pig, which should be a very good sign. But...

Having now been 2 times for lunch, I'm practically an expert on the
place. In fact, I think I had the same thing both times (roast pork,
listed as Okinawa, so maybe it's Agu? Certainly it's tasty, fats and all).
For Y1800 you get pasta, main, bread and coffee; not cheap, not
expensive. The food has a bit of the old-fashioned quality that I
tend to complain about in French restaurants (see also Chartreuse
in Roppongi for the ultimate in this sort of thing). The interior
has a bit of the Italian tile and various other motifs that say
"Hi! I'm Italian!". The waitstaff is a little flustered, but the
hostess is quite lovely (I presume she's also the owner, because
she also looks Italian (presumably). Yes, I presume a lot.

Ummm, pasta for me was 'short pasta' with 'fish ragu', which was a light
tomato sauce with canned tuna (sorry if I'm wrong about this, La
Cometa). The pasta itself was uninspired. The main of pork was actually
decent - seemed like a high quality cut of porker, fat very much in
evidence, whole bites of nothing but tasty, slightly
crispy-around-the-edges fat. It came with some sauteed mushrooms that
were lukewarm, and some mashed potatoes that were cold.

An iffy choice for dinner, but OK for a lunch here and there (twice in 3
years for me...).

03 3470 5105 Not much of a website that I can see...

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