Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spice Garden, Roppongi

There’s an Indian place in my neighborhood that promises ‘One Coin Curry’. It’s pretty good, especially the fresh ‘n’ hot naan. Spice Garden is a little more expensive, the naan is just as big ‘n’ hot ‘n’ fresh, the curry is a little sweeter and less spicy (“more Japanese”, some would say), and less than 10 minutes from the office while the place in Kiba is…oh, several hours on foot, so impractical for lunch. This is simpler and less frilly, but if you want Indian for lunch in Roppongi, I’d go here long before Moti.

9/24/08 Hit the Garden again for lunch today, and still like it. In fact, everyone liked it! Naan is super fresh, hot, light and tasty, curries have variety, value is good...I have to complain a little more that the curries are sweet though. In my Y980 2-Curry Set I had a butter chicken that was more like a dessert curry. What the hey, I ate it second after the saag paneer special (paneer, yes, but not so good. My friend thought it was tofu. You can't expect much from cheap paneer in Japan.)

After visiting Moti for dinner on Sunday night, I'd say that I'm still in for the Garden as a preference.

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