Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sumiyakiya, Roppongi

Frankly, a Korean restaurant in Japan staffed by Sri Lankans sounds too good to resist, doesn’t it? It’s only some of the staff, and I’m not really sure if they’re Sri Lankan, but it does feel good to say. I love diversity. For me, the two draws at this concrete-floor, bare-wood table-kind place are 1) the kimchee, in bowls on the table when you arrive; spicy, sour, sweet, tasty and refillable 2) ishiyaki curry. The mind boggles Indian curry boiling like mad in a superheated stone bowl? Weird stuff, and tasty. I think it changes sometimes, because I remember it being more orange in the past and it’s brown these days. Aside from the obvious attractions, there are other Korean standards like chige and (I think) butadon.

Bring on da kimchee 03-3403-5397

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