Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sushitokoro Nao, Roppongi

Definitely among the best sushi I’ve had, but far, far from the cheapest. Sort of a nice atmosphere (counter, salarymen, hostesses), convenient to Roppongi Crossing on the Akasaka side (if such things are convenient to you), and very good fish in generous (if a bit thick) slices.

The one drawback is unfortunately Nao himself, who has been observed by my colleagues to be mean when speaking to his service staff. Not really observable to those of us who are far, far from fluent though, and the man clearly knows how to buy and cut a fish. I also remember his other dishes fondly, e.g. nidako. Been two times, would now expect to pay Y20,000 for two with a minimum of drinking, in that highly mysterious ‘here’s your non-itemized receipt on a tiny slip of paper’ way. But I might go back.

Nao (鮨処直, Sushi, Roppongi)

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