Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tontokoton, Roppongi

Oooh, you can’t beat a place that has sides of meat hanging in a cooler in the entryway. Too bad they’re pork and not beef, but you know the meat’s gotta be fresh and they’re serious enough about it to buy ‘in bulk’ as it were. For lunch you’ll find a small set of yakibuta teishoku (various bits of bacon or steak or mixed grill – all pork) and they’re kind enough to let you dirty up one of the Genghis Khan-style grills even for your cheap lunch set. Quantity is pretty limited for lunch, I guess in keeping with the quality. Much of the seating is in booths that feel quite private, there’s also a nice horikotatsu area, and the counter is attractive too. Overall atmosphere aside from the pig display area is quite dark and mellow. Much like a good woman.

I’d like to go for dinner (have you ever seen pork sashimi on a menu before? I thought not! Incidentally, if you haven’t had chicken sashimi, you’ve gotta go for it. Just like most types of sashimi (to me), it has all the flavor of the cooked but with a nice freshness), but I’m afraid my “get outta Dodge” policy on Roppongi must be observed at most times unless Baggio is involved.

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