Thursday, August 28, 2008

Amor de Gaudi, Roppongi

In a funny little category of ‘Roppongi places I’ve been for both lunch and dinner’ is this Spain bar near Roppongi Hills (just outside Hollywood). There are half a dozen tables and a small counter in tiled / dark wood and metal faux-Spanish environment, and the food is what you might call ‘Spanish Bistro’ or, I suppose, ‘Spain Bar’.

I guess I’d have to say this underperforms the other Spain bars I can think of, like Pero (Ginza) and the related Muy (Marunouchi Tokia) or even Spain Bar Monzennakacho. I’m not such a big fan anyway, so maybe I’m not a good judge. The first time I went for lunch I found it small and bland, but I was somehow convinced to go again recently and ended up with a fish stew that was good. I’d go back for lunch on the basis of that. The limited-edition lunch paellas look OK. Dinner is better – squid cooked in ink (I can’t go past that!), nice chorizo, mushrooms in garlic oil…all normal stuff, but tasty. Cheap-ish glass wine, so the bill comes out tolerably.

Everybody loves crazy architecture!

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