Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lescure, Roppongi

Well, I went to Lescure for lunch in the Winter of 2007, so it’s perhaps unfair to review it now (especially since I didn’t like it!). On the other hand, in checking for the web site now, I’ve learned that it’s closing down tomorrow. Insert smug comment here. The name on the web site itself should be an indication of something.

Ironically, Lescure is quite close to Chartreuse, which I’ve labeled before as ‘the place that crystallized my views on Old French cooking’ (and not in a good way). I was reminded thereof – despite a somewhat charming and warm environment (mostly one low row of tables with deep red walls – quite ‘modern bistro’ looking to me), the attempt at bistroization appeared to stop there.

Actually, maybe there’s a pattern here – is there a category of restaurants that are good at night but open during the day only to push out budget plat in an effort to make a few extra bucks? In this case, you’d get your salad, drink and one-dish (meat, fish or pasta) for Y1000. I think my colleague sprung the extra Y500 for the steak set, but was uninspired. I seem to remember that my main was in two parts – some kind of chicken and then a pumpkin gratin. This is what turned the corner for me – nothing interesting about it, nothing French about it. Food can’t be interesting every time, but I want to avoid places that don’t seem to be putting much effort into it.

The bottom floor of the building had an Italian / Japanese fish place (I remember it being called Ua, but my memory…) that I liked. They kept changing the lunch concept – for a while, Y1000 risottos. Then Y3000 courses (which were pretty nice value). Then risottos again. Then paper over the windows, and now it’s something else. Maybe it’s the location?

I wish I was Euro-Creative too.

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