Monday, September 29, 2008

Jim Thompson's Table, Akasaka

I like Thai food. I really like Thai food. I could mostly eat just Thai and Japanese and French food every day, with perhaps a little Mexican, American, and Italian thrown in for variety. But only those. A Thai buffet is therefore an awfully tempting proposition, especially if it also includes some Japanese and French items. Jim Thompson's doesn't, but we'll let it go this time. Maybe they'll pick up their game in the future.

Akasaka Biz Tower is a nice development; there are a lot of places I'd like to try (mainly Delirium Cafe!). One downer if you're looking at JTT as a lunch destination is the Y1000 taxi ride to get there. Couple that with the Y1800 buffet price, and you're looking at an expensive lunch. As a Friday 2-hour splurge, however, it's pretty cool.

The buffet had about ten items - two kinds of woon sen (yam and also fried), fried chicken, larb, curry, tom yum, fried and regular rice, some desserts... more than enough variety. It's tasty too! Maybe missing a little of the spice that you get at my personal favorite, Tinun, but I think they're going for a bit of refinement to match the decor (high ceilings, flowy drapes, Thai furniture). Buffet drinks were limited to iced jasmine tea.

Now that I think about it, I can imagine some other pretty good ways to use Y2800. But with good company and a lazy schedule, this was nice!

Shiver me timbers! I like how the web site manages to show JT's house in Bangkok and also Photoshop in some pictures of contemporary homewares to subtly reinforce the point that the JT empire covers ties, dining AND couches now...
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