Sunday, September 21, 2008

Moti, Roppongi

Nothing says love like a succession of massive days in the office over the weekend, toiling away for your failed firm. And nothing puts the cherry on the icing on the cake like a big glutinous mass of Indian food plus some hot 'n' fresh naan.

As an aside, in 1998 when I was working as a consultant for Elmhurst Hospital (suburban Chicago), there was someone on staff whose name was Nan. I always thought of Indian food when I saw her. I sure do like asides, don't I?

This dark and rainy Sunday, my team took a break from work to get some nice, hot dinner. Breaks up the monotony of conbini dining hell that we've endured for the last 3 days! Somehow Indian became the go, and since we were summarily disallowed to go to the newish Indian place behind the office (cleverly named 'La Loggia', which lets the new restaurant keep the signs from the old Italian place!), we ended up at Moti. A nice bonus is that you can get there from Roppongi Hills with only about 3 seconds of outside time.

This is a place that I don't like to go for lunch. It's just not good enough, even though it's close to the office. Generally I would say to walk to Spice Garden near A-Life (more humble, but cheaper and somehow tastier too) or else all the way to the North side of the crossing to go to Raj Mahal. Or Diya, inside Roppongi Hills.

The food for dinner was OK. Saag chicken - thick and gluey, a bit spicy. Not bad. Mutton Masala (extra spicy order) - actually fairly spicy, mutton tasty and with not too much nasty bit. Finally a Malai Kofta, which was three balls of chick-pea flour (I think) in sweet and salty yellow glue. The naan were hot and fresh (garlic and regular). This was all a little better than I've made it sound above! Bill for 3 including tea at the end was Y7500.

I think this place is a bit of an institution. The semi-gaudy Indian decor is kinda neat, the food and service are OK, it's a little more expensive than I'd like...all in all, maybe worth a visit once?

Naans away!

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  1. I must admit I was the summary disallower... For Indian, I personally vote for Devi Fusion near Izumi Garden; I love their chicken Murg Lajij! Maybe late work & Indian go together... Devi Fusion is the place my former manager & I frequented when were had to pull in long hours at Ark Hills...