Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ostrea, Roppongi

Coming out of the office after work and trying to think of a place to go (that wasn't Heartland) we were greeted by the puzzling sight of a new and attractive-looking restaurant where previously there was only...I'm not even sure, but it sure wasn't an oyster bar with a big beverage selection. Almost directly across from Roppongi Hills, this seems like a convenient after-work destination. Evidently they have lunch too, but I have a feeling it's not going to involve oysters flown in from various bits of Japan, Australia, America, etc.

There were about 10 varieties of oyster nicely labeled in the iced case at the front, as well as a few happy red little crabs. We stuck with Japanese ones, none of whose names I can remember but all of whom were fresh and tasty. Nicely-done service, on ice with some lemon slices, and vinegar and cocktail sauce on the side. At Y300-500 each these aren't cheap, but somehow I've convinced myself that it's not that bad for Tokyo either.

Additional food menu sounded nice, but we didn't get into it. Just a bagna cauda that seemed OK but didn't get full marks for excitement vs. what I'm told is the benchmark at Kiora in Juban.

Drinks menu wins some points from me - diverse beer selection, a number of wines by the glass, sherry, cocktails...the mojito came to the table well-pounded and full of mint; the martinis came to the table still on ice in glass pitchers, to be poured by the waiters, who then waved a bit of lemon peel over the glasses ritualistically. And at oddly good prices - simple cocktails for Y690 are a real oddity to me. NZ Sauvignon Blanc for Y1000 is less accommodating, but sitll nice to have on the menu to go with the oysters.

All in all, this is an excellent after-work destination, and I'll have to try it for lunch now that I'm back on schedule to have lunch in Roppongi. Branches in Akasaka-Mitsuke and also Ginza 8 (Jewel Box building? in any event, near Fal, which is convenient).

Ahh, opened 9/5. The oysters are actually listed on the menu here. We had mostly Sanpoushi and Kakiemon.

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  1. Hi Jon,

    I hope that in all the to and fro that you've kept your sense of proportion, and that things are OK. I guess it must be tough.

    I noticed that Nomura will offer employment to all LB staff in the A-P after their purchase. Hope this works out well for you.

    With best wishes and prayers,