Monday, September 22, 2008

Suji's, Roppongi

While looking for Suji's web site, I saw another reviewer describe it as 'unwelcoming'. I don't know that I'd agree with that - it's just like being in America. And how can anything American be unwelcoming? On a rainy day when you've woken up to find yourself employed by a different and significantly more Japanese company, little touches of home are welcome. As long as said touches don't include Republicans.

The food doesn't count as 'little touches of home' though. Everything is WAY too big for that. Puts me in mind of how much weight I gained when I moved back to America for a couple months - coming from overseas, and being a plate-clearer by nature, I started eating twice as much as I was used to. The lunch menu at Suji's is pretty well-stocked with Americanisms - many burgers, some salads (e.g., Cobb), pancakes (choco-chip!) and omelettes even at lunch...very comforting stuff that will leave you stuffed. I had a...let me see...ah, Blue Madness Burger, which included bacon (Delicious! Really great bacon!), blue cheese, two big slices of tomato, and a whole lettuce leaf. Comes with fries - more of the 'wedge' variety, which I don't like at all. Comes with a little cole slaw - finely-chopped, quite wet, tasty! Comes with the beverage of your choice - bottomless coffee or canned soda. I had an A&W Cream Soda. Howzat!?!

Downside - the prices. Seriously, what's up with them? My burger was Y1800 including soda (there are simpler burgers that are 'only' Y1500). For that price one could go to the Oak Door and get a burger which would be slightly smaller, a bit more perfect, on mildly tastier bread (Suji's is very wheaty, which some didn't like), with better (thinner) fries, accompanied by ketchup in a tiny copper saucepan, in really nice surroundings. I think this place should be a LOT cheaper, especially considering the way-out-of-the-way location (Azabudai, I think, near Aux Gourmands on the way to Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Crossing).

Can't help it, the name still makes me think of tendon

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