Thursday, October 16, 2008

Azabu Choko (麻布長江), Roppongi (Nishi Azabu)

Hmmm, Chinese lunch. Not something that usually floats my boat, but something I've mentioned wanting to learn a bit more about recently. In this case we came to Azabu Choko quite by accident - wandering down the backstreet hills from Roppongi to Nishi Azabu, not settling on anything, finally getting to Gaien Nishi Dori and deciding to go to Gonpachi but getting sidetracked by this place.

Fairly normal stuff, but I had a kaisen yakisoba that was interesting - the noodles seemed to be whole-wheat, and had actually been scorched in places, so they were really tasty on their own - more chewy and flavorful than I expect any noodle to be. The seafood was fresh-ish too. The whole thing was absolutely drowning in ankake, which reminds me of New Jersey Chinese food and is the basic concept and texture that put me off eating Chinese food for many many years (roughly 1991 - 2001, I'd say. I was off Indian for a large part of that period too, which I can't understand now.). Sets didn't come with too many additional gadgets, but volume was large, so the value was right on.

Look at the web site, it seems like it might be good for dinner too. Although it also says the lunch courses start from Y3600, which is clearly not true.

How weird is this, it's the only branch of a restaurant in Kagawa!

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