Thursday, October 9, 2008

California Grill Yoshi, Roppongi (Azabu Juban)

Is this a trend? Recently we had lunch at Suji's, now it's another American-style place? I liked this better for atmosphere and cost reasons (I can't help it, I'm just a sucker for similar food at 50% of the price), and it didn't hurt that today's weather is beautiful instead of pissing rain.

Yoshi hides himself away in a parallel street west of the Juban shoutengai. He also hides himself away up some stairs and around a corner in a building that has the same bare-concrete walls as my apartment building. He also has a strict invitation-only policy which means you need to know someone to get in. OK, not really that, but I wouldn't have found this by myself. Except that I just realized I can literally see the building from my office window. OMG, how cool is THAT?!?

Yoshi seems to be angling for the same expat brunch crowd as Suji's, but with a fancier dinner menu (that looks nice on the web site!) and a more comfy interior. The lunch menu is heavy on burgers (including the Y2500 Foie Gras Burger that also appears at dinner), which come in a manageable size with some fries, salad, soup and coffee. Toppings include cheese (priced at a very sensible Y20. Why do so many places think cheese should be a Y100 option? Why am I so cheap?), thick thick bacon, pineapple and avocado. Buns are light and bunny. Fries are light and crispy, but preserving an appropriately smooth potato core. Meat was tasty and nicely-cooked. There's also a pasta option (looked pesto-y and sizable), a steak option, and a daily plate option (grilled pork with 'bibinbap sauce' today).

Worth a try, and quite possibly for dinner also. The corner booth that we sat in was nice, if you can book that.

Getta loada them scallops!

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