Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chugoku Hanten, Roppongi (中国飯店)

It's funny, when I went to Shanghai Dream a few weeks ago, it was because we were told there wasn't smoked seating available at Chugoku Hanten. Now that I've been to the Hanten Honten, I've realized that Shanghai Dream is really a chain ten. There you go!

The food was pretty similar - Chinese lunch sets centered on a big plate of gooey something-er-other. This time I had...honestly, I can't remember all the way back to Monday. It may have been chicken with mushrooms. I just know it was in that thick, starchy sauce that says "Chinese Food dead ahead, cap'n!" Comes with rice. Comes with pickles. Soup. One tiny, dry bun. Y1100. If one person at the table orders tantanmen, it appears to be customary to delay their arrival until after the other guest has completely finished. However, they will look fairly good when they arrive (if a little Japan-ified, with less chili in evidence than one might like).

I've heard that this place is popular. I have to admit that it offers a lot of food for Y1100. And the atmosphere is interesting too - quite dark and formal, with the service staff in uniforms and all like dat. I'm not quite sure what the attraction is; I preferred the casuality and the dish I had at Shanghai Dream.

Calling Dr. Gohan...

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