Thursday, October 2, 2008

Del Sole, Roppongi

Del Sole is a pretty standard Italian place near the end of Imoraizaka (also near Asahi TV and the old Golden Burning). It has two nice points - the spacious patio with umbrellas, which is great on a nice day (like today!), and the store-made gelato, which comes included in the lunch sets. Mysteriously, the (very normal) coffee is an extra Y200, which has me slightly annoyed right now.

The lunch menu actually has variety - 4 pastas, a sandwich option, a curry option, a cooked dish, and then some combinations of the above (half sandwich/half pasta, but you can't choose). These are generally Y1000. Oomori is Y100, and I can confirm from firsthand experience that it's really OO. Pasta sauces tend towards the boring - mushroom cream, tomato meat, keema curry. Gelato is small but tasty, and they bring a different flavor for everyone at the table, which always provokes a fun little debate.

Free coffee please.

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