Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Genji Sushi, Roppongi

Do you like California rolls? How about Caterpillar rolls? I have to admit, I always liked them historically but became more of a purist (some would say 'snob') once I came to Japan.

Genji Sushi is actually "Genji Sushi New York", and makes good on the promise of providing New York-style sushi, complete with all the searing, inside-out rolling and cream-cheese stuffing that that entails. They have exactly one store in Japan, a kiosk-y place near the Family Mart in the Roppongi Hillz Metro Hat. In America they're really all over the place (in Whole Foods for the most part, like in Marlton and Silver Spring, so I'm not sure if they're a department or a separate company with good placement). Sushi in Alabama and Kentucky? I guess.

There aren't that many ways to get takeout lunch sushi around here (aside from the kaiten place, the Zanmai, the place above La Brace, the place near Shiraishi...OK, there are a few), so I tried Genji a few weeks ago. It was a pleasant surprise, since it's fresh and well-made and looks good as well as tasting good (for reference, it beats the takeout sushi from Eashion, no question). I went back today, which is a thumbs-up rating.

Put your cat clothes on... Interestingly, they have 'breakfast', which is makizushi and tea. And open until 11 PM.

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