Friday, October 31, 2008

Oriental Princess, Roppongi

Ahhh, Oriental Princess. You know, this was the first place I ever had lunch as a Lehman Brothers employee? Thanks Scottie! Phew, that seems like a lifetime ago. I love their slogan - "Spicy Asian Diet"!

The Princess is a basic Japanized Thai place. For lunch you can get a couple choices - curry plate with 2 curries and some woon sen and some salad, maybe a beef salad, maybe a pasta (this always happens at Japanese ethnic restaurants, doesn't it?). The food is competent, not too spicy, and adequately meets the need for Thai if, for example, it's raining and you don't feel like walking all the way to Golden Burning or Bangkok.

The new twist (to me, at least) is the buffet - now Y1200, all the lunches include a buffet of woon sen, tofu, salad and a few pudding-style desserts (mango and berry, I think). This seems like an attempt to replicate the Jim Thompson buffet, but it's not an especially good attempt. On the other hand, it's Y600 cheaper, and NOT a taxi ride away, meaning you save a solid Y1500. It's worth that difference.

I think I could survive on a diet of spicy Asians...

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