Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Provinage, Roppongi

UPDATE: Per YM's comment below, we did indeed go back, and can now confirm that the Y2800 lunch course is more or less like the Y6000 dinner course at some restaurants. Her main was two ankou medallions in separate sauces (one the signature Americaine, the other I can't remember), my main was two thick-ish lamb chops with nifty roasted-potato, lamb-stuffed tacos. Yow!

Here it is, my new favorite lunch place! And it's been ages since I gave anything a Recommended tag! Yay Provinage! I love you! I want to go back again and again! Please change the 一皿 lunch though; I'm going to get bored with the seafood-parsely terrine with lobster sauce that you've had on the menu all week.

Did I really say that? That I'm going to get bored with a terrine containing hamo and assorted shellfish (I found a bit of akagai!), delicately napped in a sauce made by laboriously boiling lobster shells 'n' bits? And a delicately poached egg with delicious mushroom sauce? And a cup of hearty soup containing store-made bacon and confit? And a fresh, well-dressed, salted salad? And a nice piece of baguette? With butter? For Y1300?

No, I don't think I said that. Couldn't have, because I went back and ate the same thing for a second day in a row. With more people (2 the first time, 4 the second time). Didn't have the ice cream today, but we DID hang around so long that they brought us mint-lemon grass tea after a while. Anyway, if I got bored, I'd have to have the long-form course for's a sore temptation.

Provinage reminded me of Merveille (how I love thee...), the decor, the food a little in its apparent cleanliness and precision (based on the terrine and sauce), the service a little. I really need to go back to Merveille for the umpteenth time so that I can write a reasonable post about it, but suffice to say that I really like Provinage and wonder if the guys trained with Matsumoto san at Merveille...

Dinner looks appropriately priced for the quality and ambience, and it's a great oasis in the middle of Roppongi (sharing a wall with Pizzakaya!). Let's go!



  1. I went to Provinage with 5 colleagues. (all women!)
    It was warm and cozy atmosphere.
    We ordered " one plate lunch " as we had only
    50 minutes for lunch.
    We had vegetable & beans soup first.
    It was very good !
    The main was marinated ray and the side dish
    was Onsen-egg (soft-boiled egg) with mushroom sauce.
    Usually we Japanese eat the soft-boiled egg
    with Tare (seasoning soy sauce), so it was very unique for us.

    For the most of women, the size of a meal is ok but
    if you are a big eater like me, it might be a bit small.

  2. We did go back (again and again) and yesterday, we had the course which is JPY 2,800 I think. It was very yummy - almost like a full dinner! Everything was great, but I especially liked the fish (ankou) and dessert (pear tart with a sprinkle of salt and chai ice cream). Happy lunch!