Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rick's Spain Bar, Kayabacho

I'll do my best to resist all urges to make stupid jokes. Rick's is a Spain Bar (what is it with Spain Bars in the last year or two? Why can't we have Italian Bars or French Bars?) mildly tucked away in Kayabacho (but near Miyakawa, and near Talo the Belgian beer place, oh and down the street from that jazz bar with the Avantgarde Duo speakers, so only mildly tucked away.) It has a barrel outside, another barrel inside, all with stools around them, some counter seats, and an upstairs seating section.

Sensibly-priced drinks include Spanish beer and cheep-ish glass wine (in small glasses though, ). Oh, and sherry, of course! I get sherry about half of the times that I go to Spain bars, but I regret it every time: "Nice one re-trying something you didn't like last time, old son, but you still don't like it." This time I gave it a miss, just starting in on the tinto.

Food: this is the thing that really drives me nutz about Spain barz. I love namaham. I (heart) chorizo. I like those boiled octopus things they do. Anything sur la plancha is groovy too! But it's always a lot too small in portion, and a bit expensive therefore. The nama at Rick's was a little warm, the fat was melting. The thinly-sliced octopus in spicy oil was absolutely delicious. I can't remember anything after that.

The service, for some reason, really hit the spot. The owner-looking guy was always somewhat frazzled but very, very earnest. I respected him. The younger guy in the football jersey, also good. I have to mention the times when I like service since they're so rare...

Not today, not tomorrow, but soon.

Incidentally, all the pictures in the bathroom are Casablanca, hence the name. Is North Africa really so related to a Spain bar in Kayabacho? And where was the piano player?

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