Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hien, Roppongi

Tasty Korean takeout, most well-known for being the first floor under Cafe 8 (which is most well-known for being the Chinese place with the wacky decor...).

I've had the chapchedon too many times. It's something like harusame cooked in sauce, with vegetables, on rice. I had the yukedon one time; raw beef with raw egg isn't the first thing that I think to get at a takeout place, but that's why I got it. Today I went the ikadon, and this would have to be my favorite so far. There was a lot of sauce and vegetables, so always something interesting to eat with the rice. With the chapche, it tends to clump together and you sorta have to eat the noodles before you get to the rice. I think you can get side dishes too, of course little portions of kimchee but I'm not sure what else. Let me know!

Cheap lunches by Roppongi standards - Y700-900. And tasty!

Extra kimchee, please.

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