Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Honmura An, Roppongi

Hey, thanks Tokyo Calendar! This is one of the first times that I've found something really different and special for lunch as a result of my recent forays into magazine readership. There was a special feature a few months ago on soba places, and I was puzzled to discover that this one was located next to a sushi place I've been to a few times. Plus the restaurant and food looked very stylish and tasty (respectively), the prices seemed low considering the quality of food (or photography), and it was open for lunch. How did this one escape?

Turns out that it hasn't been open that long (almost 1 year). You know on Roppongi Dori, near the crossing, where there's that really, really cheap and bad ramen/soba/curry place, 幸楽園? And the Mizuho branch? It's on that street. (The sushi is called Rosan, incidentally, and it turns out to be a branch of a place I almost went while browsing around Tsukiki one time.) The difficult thing is that it's upstairs, and even the menu that they've got on the street is only marginally on the street, or rather tastefully recessed and up a short flight of stairs. You'd walk by it, really.

Soba places are their own breed, I think. When we saw the menu, my friend quickly said that it looked like the one at Kurosawa (but smaller). It starts from basics - Y800 cold or hot soba - works through variations (sansai, tenpura, oroshi, yuba, and onward), heads into tsumami (toriwasa! Nothing beats some nice raw chicken with green horseradish, I always say!) and finishes with two lunch courses (Y1600-1700) that include an almost ridiculous amount of food. I'd like to go for dinner.

These two lunch courses are a bit of an attempt to cater to the punter, as you often see at specialty shops. You get a serving of soba, hot or cold (said cold on the menu but it's freezing today, so we asked), a largish donburi (ten or oyako, both tasty!), side dish (cold chicken with tofu and carrots; there's a name for this...) , soup and pickles. And soba tea during lunch and regular tea after lunch. Big stuff, tasty, and good-ish value despite being pretty expensive as lunches go.

This is really a crappy page. But I'd go if I were you.
Closed Mondays and 3rd Tuesdays

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