Friday, November 21, 2008

Kavach, Tokyo (カバチェ)

Well, if you're going to have 4 work dinners in a month, some of them might as well be in decent locations. Kavach is the Yaesu branch of a 3-restaurant Italian chain specializing in reasonable-if-dull repetitions of Italian classics. In fairness, I was in a group of 30, and I think that even the best restaurants struggle to keep up with that. Plus we weren't the only group; there were probably 20-30 other patrons.

Dishes I can remember, before the carafes of house wine and repeated 'Bottoms up!' toasts with colleagues took hold:
- Fresh mozzarella salad with some tomatoes and disturbingly long ribbons of carrot. Tolerable but awkward since we had to split one smallish salad among 6 people at the table.
- Grilled scampi and white fish in pesto. Much more boring than you'd expect from something as apparently tasty as scampi (yum!) and pesto (double yum!). I can put pesto on just about anything and enjoy it (hey, have you tried shirataki with pesto? Delicious and extremely low calorie!) but in the group setting this disappointed.
- Mushroom pizza. Pretty good, I think, but I was starting to lose it...
- Pasta. I liked this, but I have no idea what the sauce was. Things were getting bad.
- Grilled pork, simple and Italian in style. I didn't manage to try this. Don't ask.

Ooog. I think this might be OK if you visited on a more normal night and not in the company of 20 of your hardest-drinking friends...


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