Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nataraj, Aoyama

I'm afraid it's Rude About Food time again.

Vegetarian Indian in an Aoyama basement. I have no problem with vegetarian food - I often order dhal even if other things are available. What I DO have a problem with is bland vegetarian food made with mediocre ingredients. It should be a good indication of flavors to come when the menu advises "Spicy red and black pepper: Y100. Extra Garam Masala: Y150". Wait - you're actually threatening to make the food bland unless I pay extra? I was also excited to see a lot of paneer on the menu, but less enthused when the paneer-in-tomato-gravy arrived: dessert-sweet gravy with a few buried chunks of wooden cheese.

Couple this with a degree of overpricing, possibly introduced by the location across from Gaien, and you have an altogether unsatisfying experience. However one that's ideally located for a trip across the street to inspect the trees!

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