Monday, December 1, 2008

Isekan, Azabu Juban (伊勢貫)

This has been a long time in the making. I don't know how many times I've walked by the stairs to this second-floor place...on my way into La Brace on the first floor. I'm not sure if I know anyone that's been before either, which means that Kathy and I are brave, intrepid adventurers, as befits our mutual heritage in the Lucky Country. Or just suckers.

I thought this was a sushi place. The pictures on the menu outside certainly look raw. Turns out the only raw thing they had was beef (which I ate). In fact, it's a modern and stylish Japanese place, evidently specializing in Ise's Big Three (Matsuzaka beef, lobster, abalone), but offering cheaper things for lunch. (The dinners don't look that bad either - there's a Y5500 option.) Big open kitchen with a counter around three sides of it, then some other tables...tidy.

Only 4-5 sets for lunch - oyakodon, beef stew bowl (I guess more like beef and vegetables kinpira - not thick or wine-y sauce), zuke-beef bowl...ohhh, and some other things that I forgot in the last hour. Most Y1200, but the raw beef was Y1500, and worth it too, being underpinner by nori and rice as well as pleasantly zuke-d and fatty.

Good flavor, adequate portions, free-flowing tea, attentive staff, and the chance to complain about work with a maaate? I'm in!

Part of the Seven Sea Diner group...which I've never heard of, but has a LOT of stores.

Just because I can't resist this stuff, here's the company's mission statement:
If open the door of the shop; from the time.
Dazzling dramatic Sheen unfolds in sequence.
I continue making an impression restaurant. It is our mission.

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