Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jewel of India, Roppongi

The hits keep on coming, don't they? Today's lunch was the curry buffet at the famous Jewel of India. I went with Double-R, who tells me that this is a favorite hangout for Indian movie stars visiting Tokyo, as well as being K-Rizzle's favorite lunch place (and K is Pakistani, so he should know something).

For your Y1000, JoI serves up a buffet of 4 curries (Keema, very meety; chicken soup curry; potato yellow curry, the agreed winner; kidney bean curry, not bad), salad, rice and sweetened wallpaper paste for dessert. In addition, you'll get one nan each (very fresh, but a tiny bit thin for my tastes) and one piece of tandoori chicken (hellz bellz, this actually tasted like tandoori. I had forgotten what it tasted like!).

Not bad, not bad. I don't retract my comments about Raj Mahal, but not bad.

Bhangra all night!

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