Thursday, December 4, 2008

La Colina, Roppongi (Midtown)

I enjoyed the Mexican lunch I had today in Tokyo.

Let me repeat that.

I enjoyed the Mexican lunch I had today in Tokyo.

Phew, I feel like a new man. Who ever would have thought that 'Mexican', 'enjoy' and 'Tokyo' could be in the same sentence (without a 'not', at any rate)? La Collina was not cheap, but it was tasty, and considering certain aspects of the lunch, not bad value.

Lunch sets - Y1500, Y1800 or Y2300. Plus 10% service charge. Grrrr. The most basic of these is pretty workable - choose from main items that include chicken or pork tacos. Pay Y300 extra for the beef or seafood tacos. The top-class set features all kinds of bellz n wisslz, including coffee and dessert (coffee is otherwise Y900). Most impressively, the Y1500 lunch set includes a drink, and the drink selection includes beer!

Sets come with a decent-sized salad with limey dressing and some cruncy tortilla bits, a bowl of black-bean soup with sour cream and...errrr, tortilla bits, and then the main (which feature more tortilla than just bits). The tacos were nice, I think authentic in some way - small, fresh tortillas (soft) with chicken or pork. The pork was pretty well-stewed.

And lest your interest was not already piqued, let me say those two words that elevate any Mexican restaurant to greatness: Live Mariachi. That's right folks, accordian, guitarron, and a few other instruments, played by mustachioed men in white spangly suits and sombreros. Muy caliente!!

Es sabroso.

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