Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Per Regalo, Shiroganedai

My fake Italian friend lives in Takanawa, so Shiroganedai seemed like a nice place to meet for fake Italian food (until I remembered what a pain it is to get home). He was laid off recently, so now he's paid contractor wages but goes home at 5 when it's a slow day like yesterday. Errrr...

I noticed Per Regalo on a recent scouting mission, but the only way you could miss it is if you never went to Shirogandai - it's on the main corner, the intersection of Platinum Dori and Meguro Dori. First floor takeout pizza, second floor semi-elegant Italian restaurant.

I say 'semi' because they've got the soft lights, the tablecloths, the glass wine cellar and other accoutrements of the modern Japanese fake Italian restaurant, but it feels a little thin compared to some others. The staff seemed mildly disturbed to see us, asked if we wanted food, and stayed a little awkward the whole time. Ah well.

Menu is a little big; perhaps 20 antipasti (grilled eggplant in garlic oil, very very tasty; arancini, fried rice balls with cheese inside, quite good; grilled mushrooms with no oil or salt, negatory cap'n), 2 salads, 10 pastas, a few mains, and 15-20 pizzas. We got through the 2 pizzas between the two of us big, strapping lads: mushroom, which had more sausage and vegetables than mushrooms but was ok, and 'Fantagista' (soft g), which turned out to be a calzone with shrimp, asparagus, bacon and cheese, but didn't turn out to be hot in the middle. And a calzone should have sauce on the side in my world, but my New Jersey fake Italian doesn't really align with the slightly more authentic fake Italian that prevails in Japan (though my vision evidently aligns well with Geno's Salem, Massachusets fake Italian). And no, I've never been to Italy.

Wine list has less than 20 bottles, but in a good price range a lot of the time. This is a fine place for a casual meeting, and good if you live in the neighborhood. I was pretty happy with the quality, price and experience except

I feel alright tonight.

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