Saturday, December 6, 2008

Raj Mahal, Roppongi

Well, since today's lunch (12/8) was a (really crappy pastrami-pasta with blueberry sauce, and I'm not making that up) salad from Lawson, and I have three posts to catch up on goes.

Raj Mahal is the clear winner in the Roppongi Indian Lunch sweepstakes. The ambience and service are quite similar to Moti, but the food is at once more tasty, more plentiful, and cheaper. Where's the downside? Distant location for Hillz-dwellerz (close if you're in Midtown like Harapeko chan. Hi Harapeko chan.) is all I can think of. I've never been turned away for full-ness, nor have I gone away hungry.

Possibly, one could complain about the variety. The lunch sets only give you one choice of curry (plus a little piece of chicken, plus refillable nan and rice. All the nan you can eat, that's a rarity.) for Y1000, but it's not worth upgrading to the other sets. The curry actually has some flavor and some spice. The nan isn't perfectly fresh, but it's free.

In short, I can't find anything to complain about here. We have a winner. Great inspirational web site too.

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