Monday, December 15, 2008

Saizeriya, Monzennakacho (Toyocho)

You will ask yourself, gentle reader, why I went to Saizeriya. Truth is, it's not so bad, it's dead cheap, the food doesn't always contain excess melamine, and the only other choice in that location (Toyocho's East 21 center, home of a new Queen's Isetan that I was test-driving for dinner shopping) is...Sushi Zanmai.

2 pastas (rigatoni with tomato, macaroni with white sauce and shrimp), a salad, a side order of sauteed spinach, a small jug of wine and thou? Y1600, my friends. Lashings of artificial flavor, not always pleasant, but somehow fitting with in the company of a flavor salesperson!

You can do worse than this.

Why you'd want to call is beyond me, but in the interests of completeness, here's the phone number.
TEL : 03-5632-3830

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