Monday, December 15, 2008

Shioya, Roppongi

In the basement of this building you'll find the famous grilled-pork specialist Tontokoton. Upstairs there's a very dignified-looking sushi place, and a very un-dignified-looking Okinawa place specializing in salt-grilling. We went the undignified route!

Not a lot of options at lunch - today there was sanma (I thought the season was over! O'Hara served us deer last week because sanma season was over. Must have started again. This week, William Holden stars in Raoul Walsh's production of The Sanma Who Came Back.), or hamburgu, or fried pork in miso sauce. These came with almost-clear soup (not miso), rice, and some miscellaneous fresh crunchy vegetables.

I'm pleased to report that the hamburgu was juicy and meaty (comprised, as it was, of meat) and that the sliced pork shoulder in special-blend miso sauce which graced my plate was soft and delicious. The special sauce was just that. There are a fair few kept bottle, lots of awamori, and a generally muted good-time vibe that lets you know the place is probably pretty swingin' at night, in a cheap and friendly way.

Shio Yah!!!

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