Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ganesha, Otemachi

"I just saw Slumdog Millionaire and boy am I hungry!" ==> Indian lunch.
OK, that wasn't really how it went, but the movie was mentioned at lunch (again, after its strong performance at Golden Globes).

Ganesha is in fact the Indian restaurant in the basement of the JA building where I knew the waitress from another place in Monnaka. I should point out that JA means 'Japan Agriculture', not 'Japan Airlines', which is JAL, since that caused some confusion previously. It's also a tiny place where the tables are absolutely packed in - a room perhaps 25 feet square containing seats for 30 plus the kitchen. The two waitresses were constantly threading their way between tables dispensing lunch sets, water, and refills of bread.

Food wasn't bad, especially the yellow dhal, which surprised me. The lunch sets follow the usual Indian Lunch Formula - choice of curry, rice and dhal, salad, tandoori, drink. Here the Y850 A Set is a weak value, containing only 1 curry (but rice and dhal, refillable). B Set adds a second curry of the same size for Y950, and C adds a tandoori chicken piece and a drink (small iced coffee, today).

Ehhh, what am I going on about? It's just a Tokyo Indian lunch place. This is only distinguished by the quality of the dhal and the fact that they include refillable salad, rice and bread with all sets.

More slumdog than millionaire.

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  1. Hey - the 14th is tomorrow and you have already seen slumdog. I'm going to go. Saw Revolutionary Road...before Golden Globes. Too sad but quite interesting to a city planner who is fascinated by the suburbs of the 50s.