Friday, January 16, 2009

Kamiya, Yurakucho (実は香味屋から弁当だ。)

Mmmmmmmm, Yoshoku. Some people love this stuff. I don't quite see the attraction, and today's pre-made bento did little to dispel my preconceptions. I should really go somewhere famous to try serious yoshoku.

Kamiya might be kinda famous. Anyone else know it? This branch in Yurakucho near the corner of Hibiya and Harumi (from the map, looks like it's in the concert hall, which would tend to make it famous, 釜知らない) delivered the bentos for our lunch today. Delivered bentos can never be that good, regardless of the quality of the original.

These 2-level bentos came with a full range of yoshoku delights. I started in on the sort-of ham salad terrine wrapped in ham, then went on the the mushroom-mayonnaise loaf. There was a decent piece of fish, cod-like, sheathed in an orangey, soft breading. A boiled shrimp. A deviled egg. The lower level contained cold, dry rice as well as a selection of the fried items (chicken, pork, croquette) that yoshoku lives on. Despite the coldness of the hour and the lateness of the eating, I gottaadmit that they weren't bad.

This is too far from the office for lunch. It's near 'My Square', which I walked to yesterday underground. Do you know how far you can walk underground around here? I don't. Yesterday I walked from Otemachi crossing (Hibiya and Eitai) down through Marunouchi, Nijubashi, and almost to Hibiya - and the passage keeps going. On the map, it looks like it will run out at the far end of Yurakucho station, which is more or less the middle of Hibiya Park. That's like 30 minutes walk underground. I'm very impressed by this today!

Yo-yo-yo shoku.

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