Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kanda Grill, Akihabara

Once again finding myself in Akiba (funny how that always happens...), I wandered around the Showa Dori side for quite a while looking for somewhere tasty to lunch. Seat seems to post Akiba places every week, so I thought I'd run into them...but nothing appealed, and I ended up back at the big Yodobashi and their restaurant floor.

As soon as I saw Kanda Grill, I knew I was having omrice for lunch. This is a weird thing to think, and I don't know where it came from. Yoshoku ('Western food', the proper name for the Japanized versions of various foreign things) isn't my favorite. Kanda Grill offers a healthy selection (by which I mean broad, not 'healthful') of yoshoku favorites, which is anchored by a range of steak sets.

Omrice, if you need to be told, is an omelette over rice. With curry on the side. In this case the English menu said 'fried rice', but it wasn't - more like tomato rice, with a very few bits of meat and vegetables in it (think frozen peas). I also find Japanese omelettes to be excessively runny, and this was no exception. A culture where raw eggs are no problem, and even desirable, would certainly not want their omelettes done up fluffy and dry like I like 'em.

Anyway, there's Kanda Grill for you. The service and ambience are nothing you need to be concerned about, but if you see one of these somewhere (Oimachi, Hibiya, Musashi Murayama, Nishi Arai...maybe you won't ever see one) you'll know it's safe.

Hmmm, I suspect the web site talks about how they're trying to capture the ambience of Old Tokyo...circa Showa.
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