Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Manhattan Bleu, Otemachi

Getting the "we lunch in Otemachi now" derby off with a resounding...thud, it's a Y1000 buffet in the basement of the Sankei building (which also has that bistro French place and casual Italian place that both look nice for after work!).

Buffet is buffet - quality is low and you always overeat. At least we knew what to expect. In this case it smelled uncannily like an Indian buffet. I let everyone else go while I watched the bags, and the whole time, I was convinced that I'd soon be tucking into some curry. In fact it turned out to be a procession of Japanese-style interpretations of foreign food - limp fried rice, an odd roll cabbage featuring very compressed ground meat wrapped in a single layer of cabbage, that old favorite 'Mixed Fry', steamed meat buns, pastas, salad section, dessert section.

Something that's worth pointing out is that the place is big, and bills itself as 'Music Dining'. In fact, the corner next to where we were sitting was taken up with the performance area - a piano, covered and with a humidifer humming away under it, mixing board, mics, etc. This could be a nice place to go at night if they get things working; I thought the area would just be sad at night based on what I'd seen so far.

Manhatan Blah...get it, get it?

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