Sunday, January 4, 2009

Marble Gelato Premium Soft, Toyosu

I actually look forward with no little delight to further difficulty in the global economy, as I have a feeling it will curb some of the 'premium' excesses of the last 10 or so years. But in the meantime, things like 'premium soft ice cream' continue to pop up, meeting needs no one knew they had. Marble is a gelato company (another premium item! Ice cream used to be good enough.) making 'premium soft cream' at premium prices.

This post-lunch ice cream wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was noticeably premium. The vanilla in the caramel-pretzel thing on the left was very rich and milky like real ice cream, and the orange bits in the chocolate-orange thing on the right were like real candied orange peel. I think they were Y350, plus Y30 for the waffle cone. One may comfortably refer to that as mid-price when faced with options like Coldstone.

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