Monday, January 12, 2009

Uomatsu, Monzennakacho

Post-ice cream, pre-dinner snack? Check.

Uomatsu opens at 3 PM on Sundays, and is always full when I walk by at night. Has to be something going on there. They specialize in cheap, fresh seafood, cooked 'beach style' on the red charcoal grills that sit on every table. For lunch they advertise the 'one coin' specials (Y500), but for dinner the menu is more ambitious and has the whole range of options - sashimi/nigiri, lots of grilled items with shells (scallops, clams and squid were among the most recommended items), a few other normal izakaya things.

Just a quick snack - some negi, tsubugai, shishamo (the little whole fish), and tuna cheek. Definitely fresh and tasty, especially the tuna (to me; others thought it tasted a little like lamb!).

The walls are fully covered with these sorts of fishes (which aren't on the menu). The bathrooms actually say "Shower Room" on the doors, which I guess is supposed to maintain the beach theme even though the floor is concrete and you're deep in Shitamachi.

Web site continues the 'jokey and cheap' atmosphere too.

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