Monday, February 23, 2009

Broza's, Nihonbashi

Lo, many many years ago I went to Broza's and ate a burger and left. Actually that's a little untrue - I waited for an hour in an extraordinarily dull neighborhood on a summery Saturday afternoon, then ate a burger and left. It was a nice day, but there wasn't a thing to do around there, and in my memory the burger didn't make up for it.

Well, I had another Broza this weekend. It was delivered and sat around a little bit - the fries were honestly inedible. But the burger was OK. I was reminded of nothing so much as Carl's Jr. You know those? The last time I was in California and ate some, their slogan was something like "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face" and they were appropriately big and messy-slidy. The pictures of the burgers on Broza's menu show towering stacks of fixinz, and these get predictably askew when you try to eat them. Still, even with the sloppiness, it was a pretty good burger.

I'd hit Sunny Diner again before I waited at Broza's, but it's sure a lot closer to home. If they could just do something about the neighborhood. Inner Ningyocho isn't known for...well, anything, is it?

Wow, Carl's Jr has a terrific history! This is not a link to it.

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