Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day Nite, Otemachi

There are always those days when it's rainy and cold, and no one feels like going out, and you just want to stay in the building. Today wasn't one of those days, so I'm not sure why we stayed in the building, but I got to have my first experience with the wacky cafeteria-style place in the basement of UrbanNet, Day Nite.

In a weird, Tardis-like twist, the unassuming exterior leads to a small entry hall wherein are exhibited about 5 suggested teishoku. I still don't understand the system entirely, but in essence you pick the genre you want (Japanese, Chinese, Indian), then pick the main you want within that (Chinese today included ma po eggplant, some kind of tan tan men, and one other; Indian included such traditional Indian favorites as katsu curry, etc.), order from the genre-specific counter, and pick up genre-related side dishes at the same time (Chinese: harusame salad, butashabu salad, agegyoza, ageharumaki...) before proceeding to the register to pay the (surprisingly low) bill. Ma Po Nasu + agegyoza + soup --> Y880.

Bargain basement stuff, predictably filling and tasteless. The place is huge - I bet it seats close to 300 (hup, says 340 on the web site!), but spread out across a bunch of different rooms. and predictably crowded with guys in dark suits. The low ceilings and long, narrow shape don't help the atmosphere.

I'd like to make a special mention of the grilled chicken that Ponkan had, mainly because she complained about not being mentioned in yesterday's post despite actually being included. The chicken (from the Japanese counter) didn't look that good, and she didn't finish it, which is rare for a country girl with a hearty appetite.

Scary stuff. Convenient and calorie-packed.

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