Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gyoza Bar Fei, Kayabacho

It just came to me as I was conducting the zen-like preparations to write yet another review. The bare, semi-Chinese interior of Fei reminds me quite a lot of Australia! When I lived there, it seemed like there was a tendency to make things cool by leaving the floor bare concrete and just clear-coating it, then having things decorated in primary colors. Sort of like that place in Surry Hillz that's kinda famous and that I went to last time I was in Sydney, but whose name I've forgotten.

But that's not to say it wasn't enjoyable. As befits a 'gyoza bar', the gyoza were really, really good. I'd been craving gyoza for several weeks, enough that I had actually tried to make them for myself the night before (uck), and these were big, meaty, fresh and hot. They gave an extra two for service also, which is always exciting when you've lived in Japan for a while. Other than gyoza, we had a 'chimaki', which is mochigome mixed with dried squid and mushrooms and steamed - a big lump of sticky, squiddy-smelling gloop. Pretty good. With the addition of a few weak chu-hais, that was it, and we moved to another place (I would have stayed, but the rest of the party seemed eager to go - some sort of Colorado-IBM issues?).

Due to the location, it's unlikely that you'll be hitting this one any time soon, but if you're lucky enough to looking for dining options in Kayabacho, it's good.

あ~~, 粽 is actually Japanese for 'bamboo leaf-steamed cake'  

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