Friday, March 13, 2009

Drunk Bears, Otemachi

Not quite sure what to say about Drunk Bears. First, you're not misreading and I'm not mistyping - the name is Drunk Bears. It's situated about halfway along the Otemachi Building, but at ground level rather than in the pack-em-in basement concourse. This means that for today's lunch it wasn't even full - somehow people think the food isn't as good if you're above ground?

Drunk Bears has a certain Grateful Dead feel to it, no? I don't think that's what they're implying though, because there's nary a pastel dancing bear in sight. At night, they specialize in world beers - not just Belgian, though there are some, but more like 'export beers of many countries'. It actually looks pretty tolerable, with a normal dark-wood beer bar atmosphere and some big, fancy taps on the bar.

The food is an odd melange of melanzane and meatloaf. Sort of, at least, but I wanted to use those words together. In fact, there are only 4 or 5 choices for lunch, but they're all in the Y8-900 range. I had the chicken green curry (odd, because Koala was telling me right before lunch how people with type B blood shouldn't eat chicken) which was fair-to-middling. I didn't bother getting the expert opinion on its authenticity from across the table where Wicky (actual name folks, just this once, or rather 'play name' since she's Thai) was going through the roast chicken with potatoes. And in fact, I didn't even look over very much at the Salisbury Steak that OJ was tucking into. OJ also insisted that we drink with lunch; a true oddity, but he was very insistent, so we all ordered up halves of Paulaner Weizen. After nary a drink all week (unless you count the non-alcoholic ones on Wednesday) this put a genuine and embarassing dent in my afternoon.

Oddly not-crowded, fairly tasty, fairly priced...worth your time for lunch, and quite possibly for dinner if your predilections run that way.

My bears are so drunk right now...

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