Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eataly, Daikanyama

Daikanyama's not a secret, right, but it's kinda mysterious to me. The area around the station is wicked confusing. I always get lost. Ok, it's only my third time.

A genuine food note: there's a place here called Eataly that's evidently a branch of an italian supermarket. I thought I'd stop in and pick up some real sausage for tomorrow's dinner since I already started making the sauce. When I cam to Eataly a couple years ago I found the selection pricey and puzzling. Incredible cheeses, lots of exxxotic dried and cured meats, interesting wines, and plenty of very expensive Italian chocolates. Today I can report one thing with a sureness - they ain't got sausage.

No sausage! Seriously. Is the Italian sausage of my childhood actually as American as burritos and pizza?

Honorable mention goes to G7 Guitars iin south Shibuya (on the west side of Yamanote, facing the tracks). They make their own 60's-style strat and tele repros from parts, then finish them in laquer in a shop out back. The finishes are a bit relic-y, but the sound is great. I played a dark green strat through a Rivera Bonehead (3 channels), and while not everything worked, there was something positively inspiring to be found in every pickup and channel, both clean and boosted. Through a slant-front Marshall 412 and under the benign gaze of a mellow staffer, I felt like a proverbial god for a minute or two. Three chords and the truth, all that. If you don't play, or dance, or whatever, I'm sorry.

Another honorific mention goes to Eataly and their free WiFi, which let me post this. Write to your Senator and say that public WiFi should be mandatory in Tokyo.

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