Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Maharaja, Marunouchi (My Plaza B2)

In need of a lot of exercise plus a tremendous Indian repast in order to burn it off? Actually, I wonder what's the opposite of 'burn it off'. Any ideas? Maharaja, it has to be said, is REALLY far away. If you're coming from the office in Otemachi, it's a healthy 15 minutes, or probably more depending on your fitness and company. Speaking of 'company', if you work for Bain & Company, it's just in the basement. Small consolation, really.

M is bright and modern for an Indian place. There's a lot of white on the walls, and the plates are modern white rectilinear jobs. The chairs are leather(y), a bit stuffed, and have nice high arms. What I'm trying to inflict on you here is that it's a comfy place despite the lunch frenzy. And the staff is mostly Indian, so they speak excellent English, should that be of concern.

Today we all went the Maharaja Lunch. It's a lot of food. A piece of chicken from the tandoor, a big sausage (sheek kabab, I think), some salad, a curry rice plate, and unlimited naan for the table. The sheek was really good - lamb-y and spice-y; the standard mutton curry was bright and flavorful; the special-order chicken curry was rumored to be not as good by Wolf, the only member of the party to have bagged both beasts (I really want to get into an Indian big-game hunting thing here, but I don't have the energy. I was reminded of this wacky book Tiger For Breakfast which was set mainly in Kathmandu and featured a lot of Maharajas hunting wild beasts, often from luxury cars. It was a while ago. Amazon knows of only one copy, and it's GBP 90 used! Mine must have been a hella steal.). The naan were a bit thick and doughy - more oven than tandoor, methinks - and the chicken also bespoke a tandoor-free past life with its dry, sad little voice.

Well, how much more can I say? 30+ minutes of walking is good for you under any circumstances, and here you get a solid, spicy lunch to boot. Just don't expect a 1-hour round trip.

Wow, since 1968! 17 locations!

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