Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nihon Sakari, Tokyo

I've seen the Nihon Sakari logo on any number of restaurants over the years (there I go sounding all faux-old again) but never figured out its significance. I had sorta decided as my working hypothesis that it was some kind of 'we take pride in our Japanese stuff' symbol. Now I learn that while the meaning is close to 'Japan's Best', it's actually a liquor manufacturer. And some cosmetics based on liquor manufacturing by-products! So the signs were probably more like 'We stock this sake, so they paid for our sign', just like bar and deli signs all over the world. Unless you're at this 2nd-floor of Tokyo station establishment which seems to be owned by the company.

Big, impersonal space, brusque staff, standard menu options, over-fried and tough oysters and sardines, and another customer who wouldn't stop staring at me while I ate...not the stuff of dreams, exactly. But I'm very happy to have learned the Sakari thing!

All your fish are belong to us.

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