Friday, March 27, 2009

Pizzeria da Cibo

When Coredo comes to mind, all I can think of is compliance. Ponkan and I went to compliance training in Nihonbashi which was notable mainly for the length of the breaks and the relaxed atmosphere in the back of the room. This allowed us an extremely long lunch involving Coredo's Quatorieme, both their standing bar and their restaurant (eek2).

I digress. A long morning meeting at the mothership left us just around the corner from Coredo at a time suspiciously resembling lunch. We pounced on the opportunity, then waffled between shops on Coredo 4, selected one that proved to be full, and went back to our first choice, da Cibo.

Memories of Baggio and Savoy danced in our heads as we saw the gin-u-wine brick oven near the door and felt its heat (really, it was hot). The menu is mostly choose-your-pizza, which comes in about 5 varieties (cheese or not, a bit of meat or not) along with a salad and a coffee, forY1000. I opted for the real buffalo mozzarella, and Koala super-sized (both Y300 or Y400). The pizza was certainly real oven-fresh. In fact, it came with amazing rapidity - before we could even finish the salads. It must have been a bit more pre-made than Baggio or Savoy, and that would account for why it wasn't quite as good as either of them. Still nice though, because it's hard to find that sort of thing in general.

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