Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So Tired, Marunouchi

Again braving the crappy weather, Zone and I headed down to Shin Maru (again) but tried a different floor. We got off the elevator at 6, where I was reminded that that's the floor with only a few restaurants (including Salt, my Australian colleagues are no doubt thinking), and headed up to 7. This is the 'House' complex, which is open all night (according to my definitions) and features a bunch of casual places. Some of these are still on the expensive side for lunch, so we ended up at So Tired, the odd Chinese-meets..I dunno, stained glass? place.

You get a range of simple Chinese plates for your Y1000. I had black vinegar pork (wherein the pork was breaded and fried before being heavily sauced with the black, sweet, sour sauce, and surrounded by very finely chopped root vegetables) and Zone had the Chinese classic "roast chicken with mushroom sauce and roasted potatoes". Relax, it's Japan...

Staff wearing a fun sort of stained-glass uniform that matched some elements of the decor added to the atmosphere. As did being seated in a small booth facing the terrace and the outdoors. We treasure these little faux-interactions with nature, don't we? And the espresso after our Chinese food...wasn't too bad.

There are more fish in sea than are dreamed of in your philosophy.

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