Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tant Pour Tant, Tsukishima

Nothing follows monja like cake (?), so after lunching at Bambi and strolling around a bit more, it was time to enjoy a quiet coffee and a piece of cake in my maiden aunt's living room.

Not really, of course, but this cute cake shop has a second floor that features the owner's landscape paintings (probably; they're all by the same person at least), lacy curtains, a dim and lazy ambience, and various regulars sitting around talking to the staff. The coffee was predictably normal (in Japan, if it's served in China then you're in for a very specific sort of experience - elegant, but not necessarily that tasty), and the cheesecake was nice enough. Their famous item seems to be these apple tarts consisting of a whole apple baked in crust, which could be good or could be not.

But if you're in Tsukishima want to go somewhere pleasantly refined for a cuppa coffee, this would be your only bet! In fact, I'm not sure there's any other place to go after monja, even an old-style kissa.

Bierstadt he's not. Similar themes though.

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