Friday, April 17, 2009

Bomu, Ebisu (韓国居酒屋ボム)

Well, another Friday night, another Korean diner dinner. This was unfortunately way less good (if I may use such language in your erudite company) than Wansu; I kept looking at the menu in the hope of finding some of the things that I ate at the other place. No relation, so I guess it's unrealistic, but still would have been nice.

Bomu has a fairly pleasant aspect, being mostly horigotatsu and semi-private spaces (usually separated by curtains). The web sites and the sign all lead one to believe that the Bommers will specialize in guts, and in fact there's plenty of that on the menu. Fortunately we were able to avoid it.

They also tout the virtues of their store-made namla (ナムラ?Just bits of vegetable lightly fried in sesame oil, the stuff you'd get on top of a bibinbap or with practically any other Korean dish. I'm really not good with Korean food, so I apologize if I'm getting this wrong.) and feature lots of different soups to be made at the table. The notable thing among these, and I wish I could get the picture that one of the other team members took, was a 'junk food nabe'; someone suggested it was a 'GI Nabe' but I didn't actually see the menu either way. The ingredients were: 2 slabs of instant noodles, a few slices of processed cheese, cubed spam and some other kind of cheap sausage. And lots and lots of spicy soup, of course. As these things have a way of being, it wasn't bad at all. The seafood nabe was OK too, but very normal. A few other food items were filling if not inspiring, and of course the whole assemblage was dead cheap. They had beer.

I've gotta say it...this place ain't da bomb. Sorry.

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