Saturday, April 25, 2009

Darts Bar Jam, Kita Senju

Our obsessive tendencies continue with this post on a tiny, dark, 3rd-floor darts bar in Kita Senju. However if you've been for a burger at Sunny Diner (and you should go, you really should), and afterward you want to play darts and have a drink and do some quiet contemplation of how great the burger was, this would be a fine place to do it. The owner is gruff but sorta friendly, and the combination of reggae-fied dance on the overhead speakers competing with MTV on the video screens and speakers is oddly peaceful.

The 3 dartboards, I have to say, don't seem to be in top condition - lots of false positives and dropped darts - but I'm really not such a darts player that I should complain about it (or avail myself of the small 'pro shop' corner). This is more than adequate for hangin' out, and they have a surprisingly wide selection of liquor.

Kick out tha darts, MFs!

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